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Keyboarding Purchase Calculator

Quantity recommendation is 1 per student (1-year student license and/or 1-year student license plus workbook).

Code Product Name Quantity
KEYK Keys for Me
KEYLN Keys for Me + Letters and Numbers for Me
1st Grade
KEY1 My Keying Board
KEYMPB My Keying Board + My Printing Book
2nd Grade
KEY2 Key Power
KEYPP Key Power + Printing Power
KEYPP Key Power + Printing Power Plus
3rd Grade
KEY3 Keyboarding
KEYCH Keyboarding + Cursive Handwriting
4th Grade
KEY4 Keyboarding Success
KEYCS Keyboarding Success + Cursive Success
5th Grade
KEY5 Can-Do Keyboarding
KEYDC Can-Do Keyboarding + Can-Do Cursive
KEYDP Can-Do Keyboarding + Can-Do Print