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Little Tools

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  • FLIP Crayons®

    FLIP Crayons®

    Unique crayons promote proper grip through the flip of the crayon.
    Grade: Pre-K and K
  • FLIP Crayons® Gift Set

    FLIP Crayons® Gift Set

    Love FLIP Crayons®? Wish you had mini packs for individual students? They're here!
    Grade: Pre-K and K
  • Little Chalk Bits

    Little Chalk Bits

    These soft chalk pieces make writing easy for little hands.
    Grade: Pre-K-4+
  • Little Sponge Cubes

    Little Sponge Cubes

    These sponges are just the right size for doing Wet–Dry–Try.
    Grade: Pre-K-4+
  • Pencils for Little Hands

    Pencils for Little Hands

    Box of 144 4" pencils with erasers for little hands (Gr. K–1).

    Grade: K-1