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2nd Grade Printing Teacher's Guide

2nd Grade Printing Teacher's Guide

NEW Edition!

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This is the teacher's guide for the second grade workbook, Printing Power.

Our new teacher's guides give you the latest resources and strategies for teaching handwriting in only 15 minutes per day.

  • Lessons align with the Common Core State Standards
  • Technology links for lesson extensions and support
  • Home links to facilitate school-to-home connection
  • Video links to demonstrate lessons and activities
  • Curriculum connections
  • More to Learn to extend each lesson
  • Extended teaching guidelines to incorporate handwriting all year
  • ELL and support strategies provide suggestions for modifying or reinforcing a lesson

With these new tools, you'll have everything you need to help children master handwriting, build confidence, and write automatically, without thinking about how to form their letters.

Throughout every teacher's guide, you will see the smiley face icon to visit A Click Away. This is an exclusive resource for users to supplement their handwriting instruction. hwtears.com/click

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Electronic Teacher's Guides for Grades K–4
Bring fun and engaging elements of our curriculum to your computer or tablet with our new electronic teacher's guides. The interactive, easy-to-use format reduces prep time, and enriches your instruction. One-year or five-year licenses available.

If you are a Handwriting Without Tears K-4 customer, for every 25 student workbooks purchased, you are eligible for a free corresponding teacher's guide or a free 1-year subscription to the electronic teacher's guide.


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FAQ: Why do you use paper with double lines?

FAQ: Why do you teach capital letters first?

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