Professional Development Workshops

Handwriting Workshops

Our handwriting workshops use a fun, hands-on approach to dynamic instruction in teaching methodology from kindergarten through cursive. We also offer an assessment workshop to help you understand student progress.

Pre-K Workshops

Our Pre-K workshops introduce a writing readiness, literacy, and math curriculum full of developmentally appropriate activities that teach children about letters, body awareness, numbers, sequencing, and sharing in an engaging way.

The Digital Classroom

New! From Pencils to Keyboards: Written Production in the Digital Classroom is a K-5 workshop designed to teach educators how to teach keyboarding and handwriting in today's classroom.

Ways to Save

  1. Register 30 days in advance for early bird pricing.
  2. Attend two or more workshops in a weekend.
  3. Use a promo code found in our newsletters, catalogs, and emails.

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